Financial Accountability – Sannyasa Candidates

Please accept my most humble obeisances. All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.

According to GBC resolution 614/2000 (posted below) anyone who receives funds for activities that are directly authorized by the GBC Body, regardless of the sources of those funds, requires to submit a yearly financial report. Also sannyasa candidates need to keep track of the donations they receive, as well as of their expenditures. Every year sannyasa candidates need to fill in an annual financial report form. You can download the GBC Annual Financial Report format from the download section of the website Please fill in this form at the end of this year and keep it available for the GBC Secretary (who may or may not request you to submit it). Please note that once you have received sannyasa submitting the annual financial report is compulsory. The currency of the form is US$ (amounts to be converted from local currency to US$) and the categories are fixed (do not make your own categories).

Thank you for your attention.

Hoping this meets you in the best of health.

Lilasuka das,

Secretary for the ISKCON Sannyasa Ministry


614/2000 Financial Disclosure of Leaders Including Guru-daksina (as subsequently amended)

WHEREAS, financial disclosure for ISKCON leaders requires that “all GBC members, gurus, sannyasis and international project directors” file annual financial reports.

WHEREAS, there is a need to expand the financial reporting of ISKCON leaders and this should be done prior to any further discussion of specific regulation of guru-daksina.


614 [LAW]

1. All GBC Body members, gurus, and sannyasis, as well as GBC-appointed Ministers, International Project Directors, and anyone else who receives funds for activities that are directly authorized by the GBC Body, regardless of the source of those funds, are required to file annual personal financial reports to the Executive Committee of the GBC Body and, where requested, their national executive body. These reports shall contain a standard Income Statement and Balance Sheet (to be reported in Quickbooks or other standard software format). The report should also include a list of all ISKCON-related bank accounts (including account names, signers and balance) for which these individuals are a signer or have some control. All guru-daksina must be included in this report.

2. Within the definition of the previous resolution regarding reportable income, all income and non-monetary gifts over USD $1000 must be itemized according to source.

[NOTE: US-based preachers are reminded that all gifts over US$10,000 and income from inheritance or family trusts must be reported to the IRS.]

3.  All annual reports must be submitted by January 31st of each year and be signed with the following statement:

I solemnly swear that this report represents a true and accurate statement of my financial activity and status for the previous year.

Name _______________________________    Date ___________________


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